Market Research Services

OBJEKTIF Research & Information Services, was established in 2001, located in İstanbul, Turkey is an independent taliored full-service research institute whose directors bring together over 25 years experience in market research, offers compherensive market research services to a varied range of clients.

At OBJEKTIF, we conduct within the company all the requirements of the project we take on, from desk research and modelling to fieldwork, data processing, full-analysis and reporting. This provides a basic advantage to our customer: Control and feedback opportunity at every stage of the project...

Healthcare Market Research In Turkey

With sound, reliable and economic researches it provides in the pharmaceutical industry, Objektif fills a significant gap in the sector. Objektif has an experienced staff specialised in the medical and healthcare market research industry for nearly 25 years.

Objektif Research was set up to provide highly effective market research to the healthcare industry, primarily the pharmaceutical sector. Our success hinges on providing market insights which empower our clients to make better business decisions...

Healthcare Market Research
Automotive Market Research In Turkey

Automotive Market Research In Turkey

Objektif is highly experienced for the automotive industry in the market in the market research area

By conducting qualitative, quantitative or mixed mode fieldwork, we have great valuable experience in Turkey. We bring a new value added knowledge for the automotive industry to client by using all methodologies from CAPI, CATI and PAPI to groups, depths and ethnography.
We also have a wide range of clinic experience...

Mystery Shopping In Turkey

Objektif is one of the main providers of mystery shopping in Turkey.

Since 2001, we have complied a hundreds of mystery shopping including sectors such as, banks, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, fast food chains, gas stations, car dealerships, transportation, telephone dealers, mobile phone dealers, supermarkets, automotive dealers etc…

Mystery Shopping In Turkey